How Many Characters Does Google Index In Title Tag (test)?

p>Another discussion today about “how many characters does Google index in Title Tag?”.

Google displays around of 60 characters in results pages.

On, if we give a search related to this topic, we will find opinions as: title should have around 30, 40-50, 70 characters (spaces included). Even All in One seo Pack for WordPress suggests us that “the most search engines indexes until 60 characters”.

A test made on .com by David Naylor’s team showed that they are minimum 213 characters indexed. But if they are more than that? Let’s test.

This is the plan: we write the post, we add Title Tag of 1000 characters (spaces included), most of them being unique versions so there are no competitors. The text from Title Tag will not be found in post or in the post’s description.

The test was run on the Romanian version of this post: Cate caractere indexeaza Google din Title Tag (test)?

You can see below the title chosen (generated random) of 1000 characters (spaces included). I added as image, so it will not appear in post’s content, so I will know for sure that title tag is responsible for ranking. I searched for the last characters from the title, so I am sure that there are no competitors for this search.

After few days (4 days exactly), I made a research after the last combination from the post and here is what it appeared:

So, Google does index minimum 1000 characters (spaces included). If there is wise to use all of them …. that’s another story. :)

Update (October 1st, 2011)

After a short discussion on I realized that it would have been wise to let the title tag as it was. I did update the title tag of the initial post test Cate caractere indexeaza Google din Title Tag (test)?. After the title will be indexed again, we will be able to search again with intitle operator

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to see if the test has the same results.

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