Link building with PDFs

Everyone knows that the pdf content is indexed. Many say that links in pdf matter for rankings, but I couldn’t find a test to prove that. So, it is time for a test :) .

To be able to check if links from pdfs count for rankings, I created a pdf in Romanian about how to open a Facebook account. I added this pdf on my Romanian blog post about how to create a Facebook account http://seogan.ro/cum-se-face-cont-pe-facebook that already was very well indexed and brings daily traffic from search engines. In pdf, I did link with a keyword that has no results in searches to the English version of my blog. See below the word and the searches from the test moment on google.ro I didn’t write the keyword in the post and I do prefer to not write this keyword here, as I do not want to influence the test results.

Linkuri pdf

Thanks to the fact that this keyword has no competitor, I was expected that both webpages to appear at normal searches: – the pdf-ul, because it had the keyword in the text – the webpage the pdf links to http://www.seogan.com due to the link’s anchor text

One week later the pdf file was indexat. At a search intext it does appear the pdf:

At a normal search both web pages appear as results.

So, yes, it seems that the pdf links count for ranking.

Notice: the keyword does not exist in other website; noone links with that keyword to that website except the initial post. If you do not trust the factors, please repeat the test and share the results :) .

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